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    I  and B cleaning services provide cleaning jobs with three different crews when necessary, really

   has a suitable impact  on general cleaning, detail tasks and specialized jobs. It has experience been

  working for about 17 years in cleaning industries, from the beginning  when all three family member

  were employed in such  as hotels, residential property building, churches, until I and B  became a

  company on the  year 2008. 

  There, particularly in the luxury, Townsend hotel we gained the good housekeeping experience,

  detail being oriented.

  Especially interior cleanliness of the guest rooms or suite, cleaning entrance, lobby, salon, elevator,

  hallway and stairway areas or corner bar. Removal stains everywhere, clean window as appropriate

  and scheduling monthly carpet cleaning, and instantly, after carpet got stain by accident. They would

  finish the jobs on time or that it  can be done quickly for specific task, as removal spot by hand and

  partial stain area by equipment. That said this performance works perfect.

  All services and detail task assigned to housekeeping is done in a full satisfactorily manner, ensuring

   a disease-free atmosphere and surrounding. 


We get out this established practice and ensure our clients that is what it is the valuable and relevant 

to match with the scope of work for cleaning industry.

  Meanwhile, for any building, I and B actually carry out a plan before proceed with cleaning jobs. Since

  the first day, in addition to daily duty, the leaders will do a general  inspection of the building's neatness

  to identify any shortages and provide a specific solution. Together with right methods, long history of

  team work experience, as well with brand new tools, equipment's, and cleaning products that are also

  Eco-friendly, the company would surely be a hit and would be liked to win popularity.

  On the establishment or industry the company has remarkable effect on every service it provides,

   so that the job can  be done quickly to assure and meet the clients need and satisfaction.

   Like other companies, I and B cleaning services also focuses on quality. The company is rooted for

   task balance and always secures that each crews that separately works on area lines back up on

   quality. So, it is kind of like a quality assurance, when talking in a call center term.

   As their service flourish through the community and society, customers could keep praising the

   company and customers were really satisfied based on how organized they do and arrange their

   jobs. While talking about getting the jobs done, the company ensures that the task get done on time

   and as well as in a full-satisfactorily manner, by way of keep maintaining the building spotless.

   Moreover, our lifestyle, as observed by extensive observations by researchers states that we are

   actually living in a very dirty  and polluted environment.

  That’s why, in order  to be healthy and prevent diseases from entering our body due to these issues, 

  we  then must contact a cleaning service company, an outstanding one, likelihood I and B cleaning


  We should start living clean, and start being clean, and that example would be this company.

  Therefore, with all escalations and issues around the MI, since this business is located in this State,

   I and B cleaning services really is remarkable, prestigious, and awesome with their credentials and

   their witness.

   Like that said about customers testimonial and by the Troy Award Program, it has been

  selected for the 2014 Best of Troy.



    Meanwhile, the human, in common sense for mutual business,  connected I and B many years

   ago to our current customers in which we provide the labor to clean such buildings as house, 

property, clinic, church, office, facto and store or beauty salon

   Certainly, getting the commercial cleaning account direct, via the word of mouth has the advantage

of negotiating contract's terms.

   To all intents and purposes, taking into account hours needed for general cleaning,  detail tasks,  

specialized jobs, as well as fair rate

    for cleaning staff, make sure qualitative work and ensure against possible high turnover of cleaning

staff in the US.


    WOM works undoubtedly the best for my business, last long  accounts, no turnover and gradually be

grown. It gain ground, knowing both parties of the mutual business, having to them confidence,

and giving the contract their consent after negotiate the agreement.

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